Neocate Formula Manufacturer Failed to Warn of Skeletal Risks

Parents turned to Neocate baby formula and powdered food to supply nutrition to their children with allergies and other health issues. However, as parent company Groupe Danone was earning over $28 billion during 2017, researchers discovered babies and children were suffering from low blood phosphate levels, as well as bone injuries.

“Fractured bones, hypophosphatemia, and rickets associated with baby formula”

Researchers cite 94% of Neocate cases studied demonstrated fractures or rickets1

51 children at 17 medical institutions in the United States, Canada, and Ireland were identified with EF-associated hypophosphatemia, a condition marked by low blood phosphate levels. The children had all been exclusively fed Neocate formula products for various periods of time.

Neocate Lawsuit

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If your child has experienced unexplained bone fractures or has been diagnosed with hypophosphatemia or rickets after using Neocate formula, contact us today for a case review.

What is Neocate?

Specially formulated for infants or children with allergies, related gastrointestinal and allergic conditions, Neocate is formulated with proteins that have been broken down to amino acids in order to prevent allergic reactions or symptoms of intolerance.

Rickets is a serious bone disorder caused by Vitamin D, calcium, or phosphate deficiency

If left untreated, rickets lead to weak, softened bones, stunted growth, and skeletal deformities. Because they are still growing, infants and children are at higher risk to develop rickets.